Oh! The whiteness that in spring comes

Creating a blanket of blossoms galore

When bees do their helpful work

Bringing red cherries to the store

Before pickers and ladders are brought

To fill boxes to pour into lugs

New varieties of the sweetest of fruit

Sprayed early to stop all the bugs

From a high hill to the South

You can view the orchards of white

The bounty that earlier settlers

Left for us with perfect insight

They planted just the right crops

For the soil, the sun and the land

They left us a vibrant economy

That helps make our community grand

It makes me proud of The Dalles

To have all these things that we see

The river, the wheat fields, the mountains

Gives us life and makes us feel free

Now others have started to come

They’ve discovered what we all knew

That living here on the river

Is a pleasure known only by few

How can we share our good fortune

Yet grow with the greatest of care

Only if we all pull together

Then together we’ll all get to share